Who is the Magari Group?


To provide innovative cabinet products and services with an emphasis on superior customer service and customer support. We strive to become trusted advisors and consultants to our customers – enabling them to deliver the best quality product and enhance their market position.

There aren’t any traffic jams on the extra mile.

Roger Staubach

Founded by Jeff Hawkins and Eric Bohan, the Magari Group is a cabinet distribution firm that serves the new construction and remodel markets through its national network of dealers. Combining over 40 years of construction and remodel experience, we recognized that a significant gap existed in the cabinet industry with regard to customer service. Built on that idea we have come to market with a promise of excellent customer service and products available to you at a fair price.

Through a network of strategic partnerships with our manufacturers, we endeavor to bring a superior product to the marketplace along with an emphasis on providing the best customer service possible. In bringing together a beautiful product and superior service we want to help you grow your business whether it be in the retail segment or new construction. We have product offerings that meet the pricing and appearance needs of both segments. While we quote 5-day turnaround from order placement until the product is received (depending on your geographical location), the vast majority of our products ship within 48 hours.

Without question, our greatest asset is the partnerships we have with our customers. Whether our customers meet with a field sales consultant, speak with a customer service representative or work with one of our owners, each Magari Group team member has the knowledge, the tools, and the desire to meet their needs.

Behind every one of our customers are highly motivated, well trained and experienced Magari Group team members who share a singular focus on customer service. This focus begins with each individual’s clear understanding of his or her responsibilities, a commitment to succeed, and the knowledge that Magari Group team members are rewarded for success.

Training is an integral part of the continuing career development of our team. For example, an intensive week-long training program, including sessions on sales skills, product demonstrations, and product training on several of our new proprietary computerized sales tools, equips our field sales force with the knowledge they need to succeed. Through this program and ongoing sessions, we are dedicated to developing the best and most productive sales force in the industry — one that is thoroughly trained and equipped to meet our customers’ needs.

We have a brief dealer application to complete and from there our catalog and pricing is made available to you. We have a simple dealer display that comes to you with all our door styles displayed in a simple, yet elegant display suitable for retail showrooms or builder selections centers. Our displays are available with our name on it or with our name omitted to match your preference.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you. While we have formed strategic partnerships that share our vision to provide excellent service to our customers, we want to partner with customer who share that same vision. We look forward to welcoming you to the Magari Group family.